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Hillwoods Academy Results (2007-08)


Class X
a) Ashwini Vaidya 98.5% (topped in Delhi region)
Class XII
a) Nupur Shah 93.5% (topped commerce stream)
b) Sonam Jain 93.5% (topped commerce stream)
c) Shivi Aggarwal 91% (topped science stream)

Name of 9 Meritorius Students - Certificate of merit in each subject to the top 0.1% of the successful candidate

1) Ashwini Vaidya English, Hindi, Social Science
2) Mayank Mahajan Introductory IT
3) Nandini Sethia Hindia, Introductory IT
4) Neha Jain Introductory IT
5) Richi Sethi Hindi
6) Sivpa Taneja Introductory IT
7) Shweta Saxena Social Science
8) Tarun Joshi Introductory IT
9) Nupur Shah Accountancy

SPORTS - In Zonal Level (Athletic Championship)

Name Event Position
Raghav Tyagi Shotput 1st (Gold Medal)
Raghav Tyagi Javellin 2nd (Silver Medal)
Sarthak Kohli 100 m & 200 m race 1st & 2nd (Gold & Silve Medal)
Anant Vijay High Jump 2nd (Silver Medal)
Devrat Bisht 100 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)
Aniket Panwar 200 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)
Devrat Bisht 4 X 100 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)
Rishabh Jain 4 X 100 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)
Vinod Kumar 4 X 100 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)
Aniket Panwar 4 X 100 m race 2nd (Silver Medal)

Co-curricular Activity (Zonal Level)

Name Event Position
Divyani (Jr. Girls) Hindi Debate 3rd Position
Nancy Hindi Debate 3rd Position
Nikita (Sr. Girls) Hindi Debate 2nd Position
Devanshi Hindi Debate 2nd Position
Sahil (Sr. Boys) Hindi Debate 3rd Position
Naman Hindi Debate 3rd Position
Vikrant (Jr. Boys) English Debate 2nd Position
Deepanshu Pincha English Debate 2nd Position
Shivani Sinha (Sr. Girls) English Debate 1st Position
Ana Sharma English Debate 1st Position
Shweta Saxena Extempore Speech 1st Position
Naman Jain Extempore Speech 3rd Position
Shweta (Inter Zonal Level) Extempore Speech 3rd Position

At Chinmaya Youth Festival

Namse Event Position
Sukriti Jain Quiz (Sr.) 1st Position
Arnav Gupta Quiz (Sr.) 1st Position
Vikrant Vaidya Quiz (Middle Group) 3rd Position
Anirudh Singh Quiz (Middle Group) 3rd Position
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