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Japan International Corporation Center had organised a youth exchange programme in association with Dept. of Environment, Delhi Government. The programme, JENESYS 2.0 on Environment Technology was an initiative to generate environmental awareness and conservation methods among the youth. Kartikey Arora from Hillwoods Academy along with 21 students attended the programme in Fukuoka, Japan.
Students were given first-hand information about new technologies used in Japan for sustainable development. Interacting with high school students undergoing Environmental science course was an invigorating experience for the students from Delhi.
Visit to Kyushu University enlightened students about hydrogen powered cars which are eco-friendly. They also visited Nissan Motor Kyushu Co. Ltd. Plant to understand the production system which is based on eco technology.
Staying with a Japanese family was a novel experience and a good exposure to Japanese culture. A final presentation on the learning process, its outcome and further plan of action was given by group leader, Kartikey Arora on the seventh and last day of their visit.
An educative and informative trip, it has provided the students an indepth knowledge of Japanese environment friendly technology and how it can be implemented in India also.
A great learning experience, the trip was immensely enjoyed by all the members and coordinators.


Students of Astronomy club learnt many new facts about astronomy IN THE YEAR 2013-14 and did hands on learning and finally the time had come to share it with other students of the school. On 12 May, 2014 Astronomy Club of the school in association with S.P.A.C.E. celebrated astronomy day in the school coinciding with the International Astronomy Week.
It was inaugurated by launching of the hydro-rocket by the head of the institution. All the students from class 6th to 8th observed it. Principal Madam appreciated the work done by astronomy club since its beginning 10 years back i.e., 2004. She also applauded the achievements of the students of club in various international and national astronomy projects.
Astronomy club members demonstrated how a real comet would look by making a replica of the comet in Comet Kitchen. To find the weight of different planets, they had different weighing scales for each planet where one can actually find the real weight, other students were surprised to see how light or how heavy they would be on different planets!! Students also displayed astronomy related software and the astronomy kit they had got as the support material for the activities. In safe solar observation students showed various safe methods of observing the sun, real time viewing of the sun through a telescope was the main attraction as visitors saw so many sunspots in real!, They also were part of a new concept in face painting with astronomy as theme, it was really nice to see them getting stars painted on their faces. .In the last phase of astronomy day, a movie on astronomy was screened and a very interesting quiz was organized. Students very enthusiastically participated in it. Club Coordinator Mrs Babita Kundalia remarked that it was indeed a very good learning experience for all the students.


Comes the month of April, we all humans starts celebrating the greatest achievements in the history till now – first human into space. On 12th of April Yurvi Gagarin became the first person to leave earth and go into space. For Indians April also have a special memory of first Indian in space Mr. Rakesh sharma. He along with Russian Cosmonaut went into space on 2nd April in 1984. He spent seven days in space. To commemorate these two achievements in space Mr. Andrie, Deputy Director, Science, Russian Center for Science and Culture, Delhi and Mr. C. B. Devgun, President of S.P.A.C.E.
The program began with the felicitation of both the guest. Mr. Andrie gave introduction about the movie, named ‘9 minutes before’. The movie was about how cosmonauts prepare themselves for the space exploration launchers. The movie covered both aspects of human – physical as well as psychological.
There were about 120 students who participated and interacted with Mr. C. B. Devgun. Students asked questions related to space exploration and astronomy. It was very heartening to see students asking so many questions on various topics in space exploration.
It was an enriching experience for the students to learn more new thing about space exploration.


Saturday 26th April was something special for the astronomy club students of the Hillwoods Academy club as for the first time they were going to organize and celebrate the SUNday as a part of GAM2014 (Global Astronomy Month 2014).
The programme started at 8:30 am with students making their own spectroscope with help of old cd/dvd and looking at the spectrum of the sun with these handy self made instrument.
Mr C B Devgun, President SPACE organization graced the occasion by interacting with the curious bunch of young minds who had so many questions to ask.
Later on the group shifted to the open courtyard where students setup the small refractors they had received in the kit and started projecting the image of Sun on paper. Some of them set up their own handmade ball projectors. They also made pin hole projectors and used solar goggles to view the Sun safely. A big telescope and sundial was setup by the Club Coordinator Mrs Babita kundalia to show the sun and concept of shadows and time to the whole school. It was attended by large number of students from other schools also who were very appreciative of the work done by the club. Around 300 students saw the sun through various instruments.


“A clean environment is a human right like other. It is therefore part of our responsibility towards others to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier, than we found it.”und it.”
Eco Seminar was organised in Hillwoods Academy on April 26, 2014 in which number of schools took active participation for the larger cause of conserving and preserving the environment. Dr. B. C. Sabat, Senior Scientific Officer, Dept. of Environment, Delhi Government was the distinguished guest. Mr. Ashish Jain, Director IPCA and Mr. Ajay Garg, Secretary IPCA conducted a workshop on segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Mr. Ashish educated the students to segregate the waste and reduce, reuse and recycle.
Ms. Priyanka Porwal from GIZ-IGEP informed the students’ ways to manage e-waste to reduce toxic and chemical substances and save mother earth. A pledge was taken by all present to owe allegiance to earth. An initiative was taken by the eco-club to honour the oldest tree, Bottle palm.
An array of activities were organised to sensitize students about environmental conservation, Logo designing, paper bag making, eco costume and nukkad natak all the competitive events helped students convey the message of environmental conservation.
Eco village, ‘Paryavaran Gram’ was created portraying the usage of potter’s wheel, best out of waste, paper mache, nature game and wild animals.
Visit to herbal garden, science park and recycling plant was made by all participating school children, teachers and distinguished guests was highly appreciated by all. Winners were applauded by the head of the institution and distinguished guests.
The seminar ended on a solemn note with everyone pledging GO GREEN AND GO GLOBAL.




“Trail blazers, the innovators, the torch – bearers bestowed with responsibility bring remarkable results.”
In Hillwoods Academy on 22nd April 2014, the newly appointed students Council was conferred duties and responsibilities who pledged to keep the ideals high of the school with utmost sincerety, loyality and devotion. Varun Sobti of class XII C and Mehak Tyagi of class XII B were sworn in as the new Head Boy and Head Girl of the school.rl of the school.
Discipline committee heads Nilay Srivastava and Rajasvi Chaudhary were given the responsibility of maintaining discipline in the school. Prateek Varshney and Ainika Jain were given the honours os school prefects. Kartikey Arora and Deepanshi Jain were assigned the task of conducting co-curricular activities in the school. Sports captain Shubhanjali was conferred the responsibility of motivating the students for participating in sports with zeal and enthThe newly appointed students’ council took the solemn oath of performing their duties with diligence and commitment. The head of the institution urged the students’ council to work in an exemplary manner for maintaining discipline in the school and upholding the ideals of their institution for others to follow.


The primary school, Hillwoods Academy had its investiture ceremony on 22nd April, 2014 to delegate responsibility to the young enthusiastic learners. As education is the power to think clearly, power to act well in the world’s work and power to appreciate life, students are equipped and empowered to shoulder responsibilities from formative years. Newly elected Head Boy Ikjyot Singh and Head Girl Tanshi Jain were conferred the responsibility of primary school by the head of the institution. Sarthak Sharma and Priyani Kwatara were elected as sports captain and activity coordinator respectively. Bhumika Sharma was given the responsibility of the discipline in-charge.
A solemn oath was taken by all badge holders of students’ council to shoulder responsibility with sincerely and commitment. The Headmistress and Principal Madam urged all the students of Prefectorial board to perform duties assigned to them with utmost dedication and upholding the ideals of their Alma Mater.their Alma Mater.


A workshop was conducted for the students on healthy lifestyle. Following points were covered by HCHC.ints were covered by HCHC.
• Emphasis was laid on meditation for increasing concentration.
• Instead of playing computer games, students were encouraged to play chess, crossword puzzles, mathematical problem games and outdoor games.
• First Aid tips were given for diarrhea, fever and convulsions.
• Tips were given for oral hygiene like having high fibre foods and brushing teeth after breakfast and after dinner.
• Disadvantages of alcohol intake and smoking were also discussed.
• Steps taken by WHO and UNICEF regarding health issues and reducing infant mortality rate were also discussed.
• Sleeping disorders which cause hyper tension among teenagers because of over indulgence into technological advancement like facebook, whatsapp and twitter were also discussed with students.
• Students were made aware of harmful effects MSG (Synthetic Salt) which is added in processed and fast food
• In accordance with report submitted by Delhi High Court sale of unhealthy food, aerated drinks should be regulated in school canteen.
• Values and attitude which students should have while spreading awareness among their schoolmates and in society were also discussed.
• Students were made participate in various activities during workshop like planning environmental awareness events, healthy habit awareness events, making badges, posters etc.
• Students of all the participant schools presented their posters and plans on stage.
• They were taught how to evaluate the plan also.
Finally, Principal of Mothers Global School conveyed her thanks to Principals of the participating schools for sending students for the workshop.


A session was conducted on "Safe Solar Observation" for the students of Astronomy Clubby S.P.A.C.E.organisation. With the help of visual presentation students were explained about the facts about the sun ,its structure, chromosphere, photosphere, corona etc. They were really excited to know about the properties of the Sun especially the huge size and the way it generates heat and energy. They also learnt about the sunspots as how these dark spots form on the sun. Students made their own pin hole camera to observe the sun. Students enjoyed watching sun using pin hole camera ,telescope and solar goggles.lescope and soBesides students were made aware about the Global Astronomy Month (GAM) which is being celebrated worldwide by astronomers without Borders.Students were encouraged to participate in GAM by contributing in writing astropoetry, astrophotos doing observations of Mars, Asteroid Vesta and Sun. Astronomy club is going to participate in the various activities in a very Big way for the GAM2014.


On behalf of PVR Nest and Sanofi India, a workshop ‘Line Art Healthy Children, Happy Children was conducted in Mother’s Golbal School on 15th April 2014. Fifteen students from class VII & VIII participated in that workshop. The agenda of that workshop was ‘Personal health & community well-being’. & community well-being’.
The workshop was started by Randolf Fernandiz, who talked about various issues concerning health like ‘Concept of well-being’, factors affecting health, nutrition, facts about malnutrition, first-aid, personal hygiene, immunization, polio-eradication campaign etc. Dr. Arun, who is a renowned child pediatrician, was also invited to speak on the topic. He also introduced various concepts to students like Importance of balanced diet, health, importance of exercises, concept of hygiene.
Various games & activities were also conducted to make this concept interesting & innovative to learn. Students also designed a poster on the topic.
On the whole, it was very interesting and informative workshop, with the motto of bringing schools, doctors, NGO’s, artists, film-makers & corporate together, for the cause of children’s health.

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