Music & Dance Club

Music and dance classes are held regularly. Teachers specialising in various dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, prepare students for Inter-House Dance & Music Competitions. Students get a chance to exhibit their talents and gain confidence by performing on stage. Students  have confidently performed on stages in front of a large gathering.

Literary Club

The literary and dramatic societies in English and Hindi initiate Inter-House and Inter-School English and Hindi debates, plays andquiz competitions. Children take part in such events organised not only by Hillwoods but other schools as well. Students  contribute articles in Hindi and English in the school magazine which is published every year.

Art and Carft Club

A diverse range of crafts and needle-work is taught to girls from an early age. Clay modelling, embroidery, toy making, tile printing, batik, tie & dye, stamps collection, interior decoration and flower arrangement, dress making are the other skills that are imparted to students.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy club of the school in Association with S.P.A.C.E. (Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators) organisation aims to inculcate scientific temperament among students by introducing concepts of science through a process of inquiry, experimentation and analysis so that the students can relate their knowledge to their own environment.
The club conducts activities for the students on a regular basis such as sky observations, telescope making, Astro-photography, making of various astronomy  equipment etc. Evening and night camps are regular feature in which parents are also invited to participate.

Eco & Nature Club

Hillwoods Academy was selected as the lead school  by department of Environment, Govt. of N.C.T. Delhi in 2000. Since then it has been effectively functioning to create environmental awareness in the children through various activities in order to sensitise the students on the deteriorating condition of our environment, which is major cause of concern to the entire humanity.
Under the programme D.E.A.N., " Delhi Environment Action Network" the students of the "Eco Club" worked on a report - collecting data and preparing a report towards a clean and pollution free Delhi.
The students have been going to Asola wild life sanctuary regularly for nature walks to learn to appreciate and respect the flora and fauna.


Road Safety Club

School lays the foundation of child's social & moral value. In order to teach and create Road Safety awareness, develop and promote change in attitude among children of school, Road safety club has been playing an active role. Students are taken to various 'Road Safety Camps' where they can be practically shown how to develop traffic sense.


Community Service Club

A community service Club has been formed so as to sensitize and make our students aware about various social problems like illiteracy, destitute women, physically challenged children & unemployment

We want our students to realise the importance of helping the people who are not fortunate enough and have a compassionate & understanding attitude towards them. For this purpose students have been going to various social oganisations. Whether it was the tsunami victims or the earthquake or cyclone hit areas. Hillwoodians have always come forward to help the people in crisis.



Computer Club

To make the students computer savvy, number of workshops and competitions were held by Future Schools and NIIT. Students in the clib learn designing software, animations and programming. During the club meetings, competitions are held which motivate the children. Students make power-point presentations and based upon the content designs, the presentations are adjudeged




Science Club

This club encourages development of a scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry and experimentation in its members. It aims at developing skills of observations and independent thinking. At the day camp, the students were taken to the science museum and attended workshops. Students are continuously evaluated and encouraged to participate in all activities.




Disaster Management Club

During summer vacations, a training camp was organized on self defence where students were given guidelines to defent themselves. The children also visited the fire station at Preet Vihar. There the station officer Mr. Suresh Sharma give a lecture cum demo to control fire.




Health Club

Health is a stats of complete physical, mental and social well being with this aim the health club was started. Students are given health education, they are motivated to develop healthy habits. At the day camp students were given information about the different constituents of the food and the basics of yoga.




Photography Club

In the club, the children are told about the relationshiop or the effect of light on the photograph and the functioning of pinhole camera. On 29th July, children were taken out for the day camp to Tughlaqabad, Delhi where children enjoyed shooting photographs outdoors. In the club, children learn new techniques and get more information on developing a good aesthetic sense for photography.




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